Patrick Parrish at
The Salon Art + Design Fair
November 2016
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Chris Beeston
The Ends of Invention
October - November 2016
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Linda Lighton
Sex and Death
September - October 2016
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Patrick Parrish at
Design Miami/ Basel
June 2016
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Ian McDonald
Index, Thumb, Thumb, Index
July - September 2016
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Bec Brittain
June - July 2016
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Kasper Kjeldgaard, Pettersen & Hein, Maria Bruun & Anne Dorthe Vester
If It's a Chair
May 2016
Tile eblast photo danish
Huy Bui
Geological Frame
April-May 2016
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Patrick Parrish at
Collective Design 2016
May 2016
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Jesse Moretti
March 2016
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Cody Hoyt
Fossil Record
February 2016
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Patrick Parrish at
FOG Design+Art
January 2016
Tile fog2016.thumb
Patrick Parrish at
Design Miami
December 2015
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Doug Johnston
what it is
November 2015
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Group Show
Summer Show
July 2015
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Carl Auböck
Carl Auböck at Design/ Miami Basel
June 2015
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Jonathan Nesci
Present Perimeter
May 2015
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Cody Hoyt
Collective Design Fair
May 2015
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Emmett Moore
April 2015
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Rad Light: The Collection of Jim Walrod
Radical Italian Lighting
April 2015
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Eric Timothy Carlson
Obstruct Obliterate
March 2015
Tile screen shot 2015 02 23 at 1.43.52 pm
Lucie Kim & Felix von der Weppen
December 2014
Tile lucie kim kontinuum patrick parrish 0007
ROLU with Various Projects for Patrick Parrish Gallery
Design Miami
December 2014
Tile original design curio patrick parrish 0005
Cody Hoyt
Heavy Vessel
November 2014
Tile cody hoyt heavy vessel patrick parrish 0004 thumb
RO/LU and Various Projects
Surfaces On Which Your Setting and Sitting Will Be Uncertain
September 2014
Tile rolu surfaces exhibition patrick parrish thumb
Andy Rementer
Meet Me Later
May 2014
Tile meet me later 3
Hanna Eshel
Sculpture and Paintings
December 2013
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Kristin Victoria Barron
Orchis Collection
November 2013
Tile kreist hathalop 353 candlesticksdeersq.thumb
Jesse Moretti
Meet Me at the Horizon Line
June 2013
Tile between two planes
Doug Johnston
Light Sculptures
May 2013
Tile group crop
Nicholas Alan Cope
April 2013
Tile whitewash
Dana Dart-McLean & Christopher Garrett
Apples & Orangements
January 2013
Tile apples and orangements
Mondo Cane + ROLU
Design Miami
December 2012
Tile rolu design miami
Little Things
Little Things: A Flâneur's Finds
November 2012
Tile little things
Garage Sale
November 2012
Tile garage sale
Andy Rementer
I Wish I Knew
October 2012
Tile i wish i knew
Clemens Kois
Carl Auböck Book Launch
November 2012
Tile carl aubock book launch
Eric Timothy Carlson
Building Something: Tearing it Down
September 2012
Tile eric timothy carlson
Eric Kvatek
Japanese Indigo: Boro
June 2012
Tile erik kvatek thumb
Jim Oliveira
New Century Totems
June 2012
Tile new century totems